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12- Days before Election Day Nov 6th

12-days before Election Day MN




TODAY ON Oct. 24th REZ UBER WILL BE ON THE PINE POINT ROUTE TO BECKER COUNTY COURTHOUSE. You can register plus vote in person if you live in Becker County.

We will start ... leaving at 10:30am making our way.

First stop ...

  • Leave Chief’s Store on Pow Wow Hwy to the Ice Cracking on Hwy 35. We will hit the Ladaeu Road.

  • Hwy 35 to Hwy 143 at Strawberry Lake Store on Hwy 34 to White Earth. We will circle the village housing locations. Pull through the gas station. Approximately between 11:30-12 Noon

  • White Earth to Ogema to Hwy 59 into Callaway to take you to Becker County in Detroit Lakes.

Text or Call (218) 616-0984

We will do Becker County Again on

  • Friday 10/26

  • Monday 10/29

  • Wednesday 10/31

  • Friday 11/2

  • Monday 11/5

Tuesday 11/6 (Election Day) - will be making the routes of both Mahnomen and Becker Counties until polls close.

We have been posting our signs on intersections where our Rez Uber passes.


You can’t miss us ... the REZ UBER 


Nina Berglund, John Shimek, and Ava Mart explain why they are working the Rez Uber to help local communities to get out the vote.