Defend our lands, water and treaty rights: elect leaders who will

Our Mission:


The Native Vote in Northern MN

PowWow the Vote MN website was built to empower the native vote in local northern rural and reservation areas of northern Minnesota.

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Rez Uber


Rez Uber to Vote Early

Ride to County Election Offices of Becker, Mahnomen and Clearwater Counties

Hours will be 10AM-2PM - Two Routes a day

Becker County Route Days

  • Pine Point Starts Oct. 17th (Mon + Wed)

    • Fri., Oct 26th + Mon, Oct 29th + Wed., Oct. 31st + Fri. Nov. 2nd + Monday Nov. 5th

  • If we are able to cover Becker on Nov. 3rd, we will make our rounds but will be in Mahnomen County this day. However, County Offices are Open Sat. Nov. 3rd before Election Day to Vote Early.

ElECTION DAY November 6th we will be crossing through Pine Point into White Earth to Becker County all Day.

Mahnomen County Route Days

  • Rice Lake Starts Oct. 18th (Tues + Thurs)

    • Tues., Oct 30th + Thurs., Nov. 1st + Sat., Nov 3rd

  • County Offices are Open Sat. Nov. 3rd before Election Day to Vote Early.

  • We will visit facilities, nursing homes, community centers, or residential if you call us to schedule it. All has the right and opportunity to ride the Rez Uber and vote.

Clearwater County is call in for schedule

We will be offering the Rez Uber up until Election Day, Nov. 6th.

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Our Mission is to Empower our Communities

We understand elections, registering and voting can be challenging; we created this website to empower the Native Vote. We are all in this together. Learn More


Our Voice Our Vote

There are options to vote early person, mail in early vote ballot, vote absentee and vote on election day plus voter registration online and / or in-person voter.


Early voting

absentee voting or vote by mail options

To vote by mail, apply to have an absentee ballot mailed to you.

You do not need to be registered to apply. Recommended you apply before October 5th.


Early Registration

Registration … What you need to know

We encourage you to register before Election Day—it will save you time at the polling place. You can register to vote online.

Registration temporarily closes 20 days before the election, and opens again on Election Day for voters who register at their polling place.

The deadline to register in advance online is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 16 for the General Election.

Paper applications must be received by 5 p.m. on that same day. 

You can register to vote online or download an application

Where to return your application

Mail or drop off your application to either your county election office, or to: Secretary of State, 60 Empire Dr., Suite 100
Saint Paul, MN 55103

Below map coverage is for Becker, Clearwater and Mahnomen Counties in the White Earth Band Tribal areas. The “yes,” are locations for early voting (in person or by mail through county elections offices). The “no” locations are Election Day polling locations.

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October 2018

Why We Need to Vote.

It’s time to do this.”

“It’s time to vote White Earth, it’s time to join Native people nationally to rock the vote and change this country- that’s what millions of Americans are about to do.  But we have to work hard, because forces are working against voter participation.

 Here’s why you should vote- Tribal sovereignty is being threatened in the Courts, the legislature and Congress.  Health care faces cuts, and politicians are making decisions about our water and our wild rice which will impact all of us. 

Our future generations count on us voting. In fact, all of our well being is at stake. So, it’s time to put our power together.  To register to vote you just need valid ID and an address.  You can fill out a form this week and get a ballot sent to you or you can drive to the polls.” Winona LaDuke

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