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Rights to Vote

June 2, 1924, Congress granted citizenship to all Native Americans born in the U.S. Yet even after the Indian Citizenship Act, some Native Americans weren't allowed to vote because the right to vote was governed by state law.

Yes, Native Americans were given the right to vote in the Voting Rights Act of 1965; before that time different states disallowed them to vote for different reasons. Until 1957, some states barred Native Americans from voting. Let’s Pow Wow the Vote … Be part of history.

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Why Vote?


  • OUR YOUTH by advancing issues to improve schools and opportunities for achievement.

  • OUR VETERANS, ELDERS, & YOUTH through improved access to quality healthcare.

  • OUR SACRED NIBI (WATER), AIR, & LAND from environmental destruction.

  • THE 7-GENERATIONS with inspired economic development to end poverty and improve life for native communities


  • Give away voice and the voice of our people

  • Allow politicians to slash budgets that negatively affect Tribal Community resources

  • Ignore the opportunity to protect treaty rights and our sovereignty. 

Time to Vote

November 6 is the day to vote.

That’s about 20 days from now, but you can vote absentee, and you can vote in person early!! Any day from now till the election you can vote in your County Courthouse. Just drive or walk yourself on in !!

It’s time to do this. 

It’s time to vote White Earth, it’s time to join Native people nationally to rock the vote and change this country- that’s what millions of Americans are about to do.  But we have to work hard, because forces are working against voter participation.

Here’s why you should vote

Tribal sovereignty is being threatened in the Courts, the legislature and Congress.  Health care faces cuts, and politicians are making decisions about our water and our wild rice which will impact all of us. 

Our future generations count on us voting.

In fact, all of our well being is at stake. So, it’s time to put our power together.  To register to vote you just need valid ID and an address.  You can fill out a form this week and get a ballot sent to you or you can drive to the polls.