What’s at stake?

Our Future Generations depend on us voting. In fact, our very lives depend on our actions and voices.

Let’s be honest, Native people were not allowed to vote in the US until we were about l% of the population. Otherwise, things would have been different. This election matters.  Nationally, we are seeing challenges and federal efforts to diminish tribal sovereignty, roll back civil rights, environmental protection, and basic decency.  Minnesota is a battle ground for this- and District 2B, which encompasses the White Earth reservation is at the center. 

Why vote?   

Because our future generations depend on it, our water and wild rice need us to vote.

Now is the time. And our people need us to vote. 

Nationally, Native people are running for office at unprecedented levels. And our voice will make a difference, particularly here in the north country.

 Our reservation is in the middle of 2B and tribal votes in this north country will make a difference.

Find out who is seeking our vote