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Go Team ! Rez Uber' bringing voters to the polls on MN reservations

Rez Uber' bringing voters to the polls on MN reservations

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Bailey VertinOct 23rd 2018 - 7pm.

A non-profit is making sure people from reservations get to the polls to vote.

The group has driven hundreds of miles in this colorful contraption over the past week.

"You know 20, 30 miles, or even 10 miles, sometimes even 3 miles is so far. We've got the 'Rez Uber', so let's take them," said Sarah LittleRedFeather.

The political party bus, or "Rez Uber", was driven by Sarah and her team from the Honor the Earth non-profit.

The idea sprang up when it was announced several reservations would not have a polling place during the November election- including White Earth, Callaway, and Pine Point.

"We're one of the last people to get that right to vote, so it's really frustrating, so for us to be one of the first people for them to take that away - it shows how the U-S government is trying to use it against us," said bus-rider Nina Berglund.

The group of 5 drives nearly 160 miles each day, picking people up and dropping them off at courthouses they can vote in, and then driving them back home.

All for free.

It's a journey of sacrifice that they say is worth it.

"I can feel my ancestors smiling behind me and it makes you feel really good because you're seeing the happiness," added Berglund.

Sarah's hope is that people will see the bus, read the pamphlets they pass out, and understand how important it is for people living on reservations to get out and vote this election.

"Even though we're sovereign governments, but we do work with other governments. So when it comes to the environment, health care, it all connects. So not only do we have a tribal government, but regular government affects us too," Little Redfeather said.

Bringing people out for the vote by literally bringing them out to the polls.

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